Michael Switzer

Michael Switzer, Caring’s Executive Vice President of Engineering, is responsible for all of Caring’s internal software engineering, IT, and technology systems.

Michael joined in August of 2019, after spending a year leading architecture for a startup focused on bleeding edge technology creating a software defined, ephemeral, zero-trust networking Saas platform. Prior to that, Michael spent 7 years at Red Ventures, a multi-billion-dollar portfolio of digital companies specializing in customer acquisition through digital and telesales channels. Michael held a variety of technology leadership roles at Red Ventures, leading agile, cross-functional engineering teams to support RV’s technology platforms for major insurance companies and a government agency. For a decade prior to working at Red Ventures, Michael owned Propaganda by Design, a web agency that served clients around Buffalo, NY.

Michael attended State University of New York at Buffalo, to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering and applied principles. However, as Michael had dabbled in programming since the third grade, once the world wide web came to exist, Michael knew that’s where he wanted to focus his attention.

Michael is committed to providing Caring with the best technology platform to support the needs of our Family Advisors, so they can provide families with the best help and support in caring for their loved ones.

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