A Culture of Caring

Caring’s mission is to help as many seniors and their caregivers as possible through empathetic, expert guidance.

Group picture of Caring employees at Walk to End Alzheimer's
Team happy hour

Always growing and improving

Here at Caring.com, we’re building a team and culture which takes growth seriously. We want to work with people who are willing to break down barriers, challenge each other, and constantly improve our service. Why? We want to positively impact more seniors and their families than the day before.

We also want to have a bit of fun in the process – we have a dog-friendly office, no shortage of practical jokes, and are always thinking up a little friendly competition to rally around to drive us forward.


Communicators & Collaborators
We value effective communication and different ideas and views to drive results. We actively listen to each other and our stakeholders – our employees, seniors, caregivers, partners, and community.


We hold ourselves and our colleagues accountable to our high standards to best serve our stakeholders. We make tough decisions, own the outcomes, and treat company resources as if they were our own.


Results Driven Behavior
We are strategic thinkers who are always looking for ways to improve. We consider the big picture and bottom line regardless of our role. The more profitable we are, the more seniors we can help.


We value each of our colleagues as a person who brings their unique enthusiasm, skills, and insights to the Caring mission. We strive to provide our consumers and partners with a positive and valuable experience.


We constantly challenge prevailing assumptions and confidently lean into change. We don’t overreact to unanticipated challenges, but quickly organize to achieve progress


Growth Mindset
We actively manage, coach, and provide opportunities for our team to learn, grow, and achieve their career goals. We approach failure with curiosity by transforming this normal part of business into a growth opportunity.

Communication and engagement is key

With 25% of our workforce based in our Charlotte office and 75% working from home all over the United States, communication and engagement is a big focus of ours.

One way we achieve this is by offering time for new hires to learn about each team and how we all work together. We also host bi-weekly town halls to review performance and team success, as well as opportunities to celebrate employees for achievements in and outside of the office.

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Women at holiday party

An inclusive and varied workplace welcoming all

We commit to continuously striving for diversity, equity, and inclusion through ongoing education and self-awareness. Our aim is to create an inclusive, safe environment for our team members, clients, and consumers, where everyone’s differences are celebrated, every perspective is valued, and everyone feels safe to bring forth their authentic selves.

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