Ben Jackowitz

Ben Jackowitz  joined Caring in March of 2019 to lead the Affiliate Channel, and has held a number of roles since then. He is currently the VP for Data & Automation Enablement. Ben has spent his career in the customer acquisition space, operating branded funnels and marketplace experiences alike, helping consumers make more educated decisions in highly complex situations.

Ben graduated from Davidson College in 2012 with a degree in Political Science, and from Wake Forest University’s Master of Arts in Management program in 2013. Ben then took a role in digital marketing with Red Ventures where he worked across marketing and operations roles for a number of Red Ventures business lines and marketplaces including: Deregulated Energy, Personal Finance, and Mobile Carriers. He also spent a year helping with the launch and ramp of their office in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

He joined Caring to help build a business around helping seniors and their loved ones navigate the incredibly challenging decisions that accompany the aging process. His Great Aunt Nancy played a profound role in his life, and her difficult experiences at the end of her life encouraged him to help consumers better plan and prepare so that they can age gracefully and with purpose.

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