Brooke Murrell

After earning her degree in English from the University of Georgia, Brooke Murrell began her career in 2014 as a writer at an Atlanta-based lifestyle magazine. From there, Brooke broadened her experience at a software start-up company, where she specialized in customer service and technical writing. Throughout her career, Brooke has been drawn to opportunities that allow her to directly help others. This led her to pursue nonprofit communications, where she focused on web-based writing and editing for a 5,000+ member church. Currently, Brooke serves as a Content Manager at It brings her great joy to impact millions of seniors and caregivers through writing engaging and helpful content.

As a working mother, Brooke understands the challenges that arise when juggling a busy schedule and taking care of a loved one. This perspective gives her empathy when addressing the common pain points shared by caregivers. Through her work at, Brooke aims to make seniors and caregivers feel less alone in their struggles and provide actionable steps to make their lives more enjoyable.

For more on Brooke’s background and experience, you can view her LinkedIn page.

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