Susann Crawford

Susann Crawford joined Caring in July 2014 as a Family Advisor. She quickly moved into management and leadership roles and was named Director of Sales in September 2018 and Vice President of Sales in September 2020. She was most recently named Senior Vice President of Sales in November 2023.

Prior to Caring, Susann ran a successful consulting business focused on developing and overhauling training programs and improving company processes to gain efficiency and effectiveness. Susann has also spent a decade leading international sales teams up to 10,000+ in Direct, Retail and Medical Sales. Her true roots come from the education industry as she has taught in the public classrooms grades 2-12, Principal K-12 and curriculum/testing writer for the state of Missouri.

Susann holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Nebraska Kearney, her Masters of Arts in Teaching from Hastings College and her Masters in Education Leadership K-12 from Lindenwood University. Beyond formal education Susann has also attained her Dr. of Divinity and Metaphysics as well as advanced communication training and certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Susann’s greatest heroes in life were her grandparents and that helped cultivate the passion and purpose driving her in this field. She resides in Black Hawk, CO with her husband. Her pride and greatest joy in life are her children and grandchildren.

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